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It's a Grrlz Place!

Original, artsy, modern grrlz stuff for your special place.
Make your home inviting and fun and celebrate your love of women
with 2 Grrlz accent pieces.

Whether you choose to go modern, classic, retro or funky
we have someting for you.

Follow the links below to check out
all our home furnishing collections

Jester Suncatcher in Grrlz Decor
du Madame table in Grrlz Decor
Woman lamp in Grrlz Decor
Whiskey Rocks

Rainbow Stem Wine Glass
Yoga Girls Napkin Holder
Bedroom Light  in On Your Wall
Flaming June Clock
Girlfriends print
Car Ride Dog Bowl
Rainbow Dog Collars
Friends Cat Bowl
Suzy Toronto's Soulmate Print Suzy Toronto's Best Friends Print Suzy Toronto's Sister Print